Connecting Medical Care and People

The ‘Refua Shlema’ Organization headed by Rabbi Yossi Margalit offers life-saving medical assistance by providing well-rounded medical advice, medical escort services and support. We help those who turn to us through a life-saving network of strategic connections and contacts.

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The ‘Refua Shlema’ Organization, led by Rabbi Yossi Margalit, was established and founded in 2016 after years of research and working towards public assistance aiming to provide worldly medical advice and support to the sick across all ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses. Yossi Margalit stands at the forefront of medical activities throughout Israel…

Presidential Conference

In 2017, the Presidential Conference was formed, established for Rabbi Yossi Margalit’s extensive activity, assisting and guiding the many patients that arrive at his doorstep. The Conference began its path in the offices of Yakov Weinrut, esq., z”l, where the Presidential members signed the Confrence constitution.