Organization Activities

The ‘Refua Shlema’ organization sees great importance in providing complete medical advice and support to every person who finds themselves in a challenging medical situation and needs direction in the medical fields.

Rabbi Yossi Margalit along with the organization’s members aim to provide life-saving assistance while being fully accessible and available, day or night. We stand at the service of those who turn to us for help, using strategic connections to minimize lengthy waiting times and bureaucratic delays – factors that could very well save lives.

If you or your loved ones are also in need of guidance while dealing with the complexities of the medical world, we’re here for you!!!

Leading Projects:

Medical advice and escort

Rabbi Yossi Margalit provides all-inclusive medical escort, advice and support to patients in need of experts' opinions, referrals to specialists around the world and locating the relevant medical treatments and procedures. To contact us or send medical documents, please call: 03-8070-666

Support During and After Hospitalization

Rabbi Yossi Margalit accompanies hospitalized patients and offers medical support throughout their hospital stay, taking care of medical paperwork, bureaucracy, transfer between hospitals and following up on the patients’ progress up to their discharge.
In addition, our volunteers see to the patients’ needs in the wards, obtaining necessary medical documents from labs all over the country and connecting patients to various medical services. To request assistance: 03-8070-666

Presence in Medical Staff Meetings

A significant part of the support and guidance provided by Rabbi Margalit is escorting and representing the patients during medical staff meetings as well as being present in these discussions, adding recommendations and decision-making regarding the treatment plans. For medical support and guidance throughout hospitalization: 03-8070-666

Medical Connections in Israel and Around the World

Through Rabbi Margalit extensive and encompassing medical knowledge and his familiarity with hospitals’ protocols and personnel all over the country, Rabbi Margalit connects strategic medical contacts with patients, doctors from different wards and even medical staff in Israel with those outside of the country, according to every individual case. These connections are expressed via management of inter-medical communications, obtaining necessary documentation, carrying out bureaucratic procedures and other correspondences. To request all-inclusive guidance: 03-8070-666

Access to Life-Saving Information

The organization provides focused medical information, up-to-date and widespread, which saves patients and their families from wading through the vast ocean of knowledge available, often misguided and inaccurate, online. To receive help and access to medical information: 03-8070-666

Free Advice Days

‘Refua Shlemah’ is an extensive network working for many years to provide guided advice on designated days, including a wide range of medical subjects, with participation of leading specialists. Usually, turning to private clinics and specialists involves steep fees and lengthy waiting periods, which can result in patients paying the ultimate price. With our Free Advice Days, we open this up to the general public, allowing access to available clinics and top doctors from a spectrum of medical backgrounds. For info about time and location of Free Advice Days: 03-8070-666

Volunteer Events

Over the years, ‘Refua Shlema’ has produced innumerable morale visits by singers, musicians and medical clowns as well as specialized days to hand out pre-holiday care packages among the more “neglected” wards of hospitals in the Periphery of Israel. Our organization collects funds for these packages and places volunteers in different wards to assist.

International Medical Transportation

Rabbi Margalit has served as a medical escort to a multitude of patients that required transferring to other facilities to receive specialized treatments or complicated surgeries. He managed all the protocols and bureaucracy of transporting patients to their destination hospital and handled the medical elements involved in the process, such as on-board medical staff during the flight. Rabbi Yossi Margalit uses this array to provide medical aid to those without the necessary insurance and resources. To request help and support during international medical transportation: 03-8070-666

The ‘Refua Shlema’ organization gives a deep thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our wonderful volunteers, who do their utmost to assist patients and their families and provide support while accompanying them throughout their difficult journey. Our volunteers dedicate their days to help, guide and cheer up those in need. But, due to the large number of requests we receive daily, from patients asking for our help, our doors are always open to accept additional volunteers!

If you are interested in dedicating your time to help out another, to feel the satisfaction of giving your all to assist those in need and doing your best to bring joy to your fellow human, you belong with us.

We are seeking responsible, professional and devoted volunteers to join our amazing volunteer team and aid the hundreds of patients that turn to us for help every month. In our program you will provide patients with medical information, assist them in locating the specialists they need and escort them throughout the trying times they face, all the while supplying emotional support.

If you believe you are suited for this and want to change your life and the lives of those who need your help, send us your contact details via the following form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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