Enable Statement


The internet is a platform for self-expression and self-representation, it serves as a social and political network.

We purchase, sell and use it today more than in the past, and it is therefore our obligation to allow the public to use our website in an enjoyable and user-friendly manner. We invest many resources to create a website with inclusive accessibility to the general population as well as to those with disabilities.

Our motto is respect and freedom for our fellow man, as this is a foundation in Israeli society for we all share human rights and equality.


Accessibility Mode:

This site contains the feature Accessibility Mode ‘enable’ which aids persons with disabilities to fully experience the site.


Menu User Guide:

Button to adjust site and site tabs to assist devices and technologies for persons with disabilities

Button to allow keyboard navigation between in-site links

Button to disable flashing lights and rapid movement across the screen

Button for grayscale mode for colorblind

Button for sepia mode (brown tones)

Button to alter high contrast

Button for blank-yellow mode

Button for color reversal mode

Button to emphasize all title and tag texts

Button to emphasize all links

Button to allow alternate description display when rolling over featured pictures

Button to allow permanent description display of featured pictures

Button to cancel use of readable font

Button to enlarge font

Button to shrink font

Button to display zoom-in 200%

Button to display zoom-out 70%

Button to enlarge cursor

Button to enlarge and change color of cursor to black

Button to allow Read-Aloud mode

Button to display Accessibility Declaration

Button to reset accessibility changes

Button to send accessibility feedback

Button to change language of Toolbar and Accessibility Declaration


On the Accessibility Toolbar there are 2 types of enlarging settings, but if a larger font size is needed, please use the following keyboard shortcuts:

“Esc” will close or open the Accessibility Toolbar

“Ctrl” + “+” will enlarge the text

“Ctrl” + “-” will shrink the text

“Ctrl” + “0” will reset the original text size

“Spacebar” will scroll down the website page

“F11” will turn fullscreen mode on/off

If you have any difficulty browsing the site and watching us, we apologize and would be very pleased that you turn your attention to this. You can contact the site's accessibility manager in the following form: