About ‘Refua Shlema’

The ‘Refua Shlema’ Organization, led by Rabbi Yossi Margalit, was established and founded in 2016 after years of research and working towards public assistance aiming to provide worldly medical advice and support to the sick across all ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses. Yossi Margalit stands at the forefront of medical activities throughout Israel and aids those who find themselves at the bleakest points of grave medical situations, helping them sort out the confusing sea of information found online, as well as directing them to the right specialists, labs and procedures. He considers every individual’s medical file and history and coordinates with the world’s top doctors and medical institutions to find patients the best care.

The ‘Refua Shlema’ organization stands by its patients and escorts them hand-in-hand throughout their complex journey in search of a treatment, beginning at the initial consultations and continuing past their diagnoses. The organization focuses on saving lives by pointing patients to the treatments, specialists, hospital wards, surgeries and innovative procedures most suited to their situations. In addition, we deal in international medical transportation all over the world for specialized surgeries and life-saving procedures.


Life or Death

‘Refua Shlema’ assists people in situations who, without our organization, would be dealing with exhausting bureaucratic procedures, running back and forth between different doctors and conflicting diagnoses, hospitalizations and various clinics - until they finally reach the help they seek so desperately. In the medical world, the main factor between life and death is clear: time saves lives. So many situations involve wasting precious time on consults and lack of focus on serious issues that often get worse, causing unnecessary pain and uncertainty before they’ve even begun treating the problem. Many cases have reached Yossi Margalit in which the patients are already on the brink of no return, and unfortunately, in many cases patients in search of a diagnosis have turned to Rabbi Margalit too late. It would be difficult to estimate the number of people Yossi has helped over the years, hundreds of thousands of patients and their families who have leaned on him in the most stressful and devastating periods of their lives, each with their own story of physical and emotional turmoil that turned into stories of life and healing because of Rabbi Yossi’s involvement.

The Escorting, Advising and Guiding Process

Those who contact us for help are required to send us all medical documentation relevant to their situation. With complete medical coverage and full discretion, the organization’s professional committee executes an initial evaluation based on medical details and overseen by specialists. Following this evaluation, Yossi Margalit, the chairman of ‘Refua Shlema’, points the patients to the appropriate medical professionals, treatment centers and specialized facilities. In addition, our organization provides focused and up-to-date medical information to direct the patients through the sea of clashing sources and unreliable testimonies found online. Essentially, ‘Refua Shlema’’s activity is routed through several facets, each one significant and ramified; there are emergency cases and high-risk cases, matters of life or death, which are handled immediately. In such cases, patients will receive direct referrals to the hospital that is best equipped to treat them, and, on behalf of the patient, we will acquire any clarifications necessary from the doctors and surgeons involved. Rabbi Margalit keeps close contact with the patients throughout their hospitalization, arriving in person when needed, available for all medical guidance and assistance and present during all privileged medical discussions with the patients’ families.


We Are Here For You

Some cases are short-term, and, although they may not be medical emergencies with a life hanging in the balance, they are still urgent and time is an essential factor - patients caught in all types of unfortunate medical situations such as a heart attack, stroke, car accidents, bone fractures, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and trauma rehabilitation. Other cases are long-term, patients with chronic and complicated diseases that turn to our organization for help with scheduling specialized treatments and complex medical tests that involve particular equipment and expensive machines, detailed therapeutic procedures and long-term escorting of the patient entailing medical connections proffered by Rabbi Yossi. In such situations, patients may require this support service for years or even their entire lives. To achieve our vision, the ‘Refua Shlema’ organization comprises several projects aimed at extending ourselves in the near future, to develop various arenas to allow inclusion of as many patients as possible - both by increasing the available manpower that we will need and by broadening our outreach and connections network.